Welcome From Pastor Heishman

Hi friend!

Everyday is richer serving my King. He gives insider
advice on life in exchange for my trust and
confidence in Him. I test that advice and act upon it
daily. I have found it to be perfect every time. No
one knows what He knows. No one knows me like
He knows me. No one loves me like He loves me.
No one has the ability or the will to invest in me like
Him. I follow Him gladly. Some say they give up
alot to follow God. I have not. The little I have, I
give to him because He blesses it and gives it back
to me in such abundance that I'd be a fool to do life
on my own. I want to invite you to join me and our
church family, as we follow in the steps of the most
amazing individual anyone has ever met, Jesus.
Welcome To Family Life Ministry Center  Assembly of God Church
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